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How to identify a USED item Amazon order in Shipstation?

New Contributor

I sell many open box/used items on Amazon. On Amazon they show up as Condition: Used-Like New, Used-Very Good, etc. Most items on Amazon have the option to buy it used/open box for less money on the same page where you buy the same item new.

The problem is the orders for new products and used products look exactly the same on Shipstation, except for the price. I sell over 700 products and usually don't notice the price difference. 

How can you tell in Shipstation that the Amazon order is for a *USED* item, vs a new one? 

For the past 3 years at least, I'd always been able to add that as a custom field. Either I would do it in settings or someone from customer support added it. But that suddenly stopped working/doesn't seem to be an available option. 

This is vital as some used/open box products cost $40+ less than their new versions. Several times I did not catch it and accidentally sent a customer a new product. Am I missing something? This seems like a HUGE design mistake if not.


Same goes for Ebay, but in Ebay used/new items are not bought from the same product page, so the title/photo will be different. Though it would be great to have an identifier for that too.


New Contributor

Did you ever resolve this issue?  We're just noticing that the condition field has disappeared from our Amazon sales as well.  We only have a few Used listings so this wasn't noticed until very recently.  ShipStation - where did the production condition go on Amazon order import???