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Live rates on checkout page on Magento not always loading.

Occasional Contributor

My orders sync just fine, the issue I experience with the Auctane module enabled is on the checkout page, the shipping methods do not always load. On the Magento Admin, Stores, Configuration the Shipping Methods under Sales is overridden with the "old" menu where UPS XML is not available.

Are you sure you do not have the issues I just mentioned?


Occasional Contributor

The problem with shipping methods not always loading was fixed by applying the fix mentioned on:

I am still trying to fix the issue with the Magento Admin Stores - Configuration - Sales menu being overridden by the Auctane module and now the Google API settings are not visible.

It looks like this problem "is caused by redundant layout file" as mentioned here:

I can assure you that Auctane is the problematic module because if I do disable it, the correct menu is displayed but I really need to have this module enabled until I find another shipping service that really cares about their customers.