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Shipstation Report Data Inaccurate

Noticing that Shipstation Sales Totals on the reports, both App and Website Reports, are not Accurate for ebay. If you have a promotion for selling multiple items and give a discount, Shipstation is using the Amount before the Discount as part of you...

dell by Contributor
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Linnworks - Woocommerce -Shipstation

Hi there,We are using linnworks as the order management system. All carrier accounts are added there and we processing and printing the labels from linnworks itself. Afterwards, the order is synchronised with the channel and updated there. As soon as...

wesuit by First-timer
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getting invalid xml error on the magento plugin

Hi.I'm new to ShipStation. Just set up magento 2 integration. the test connection works fine. When i try to import orders i get this error: An error occurred attempting to update orders: Invalid XML. Error: 'Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1,...

shipnoob by First-timer
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Error Message Paypal Invoice

My Paypal orders are not updating. Sometimes it takes a day or 2, sometimes 1 hr and sometimes not at all. I have been to the Paypal website already and checked the API permissions and all is good there. I also removed it and resubmitted and I am sti...

Linking two orders

Hello, I am currently building an Order sync app which especially will sync orders created with multiple Fulfillment locations in Shopify to ShipStation, I am able to create multiple orders in ShipStation for each Shopify Order with the APIs and allo...

pateketu by Occasional Contributor
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Magento 2.4.5 feed missing some details

Hoping I can get a answer here. The order feed coming in to shipstation is missing a couple items. We get a dispatch date and delivery date from ShipperHQ. The items are on the order but not coming over in the XML order feed.How can I add them in?

cwwallis by New Contributor
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Shipstation Rest APIs - Shipping cost

I am using Shipstation APIs to fetch Orders data. I have Fedex and stamps.com a carrier integrated with shipstation. However, Shipstation APIs doesn't show be the shipping cost, I only see total cost paid by the customer.Is there a way I can see the ...

ankusaxe9 by New Contributor
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Blurry Logo on Packing Slips

Is anyone else experiencing this? The logo is 300 DPI (print settings are as well) but while the rest of the packing slip prints crystal clear, our logo is very blurry and it looks extremely unprofessional. Anyone know why or have a fix/work around? ...

Rebeccah by New Contributor
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Etsy is not connecting

Hello,For a few days my Etsy store has not been connecting. I get this error:An error occurred attempting to update orders: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path '', line 0, position 0.When I go to modify store connection and ...

irrel22 by Occasional Contributor
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Shipstation API Change "To Buyer" field

What endpoint lets me access the "To Buyer" property of an order?  I am able to access the "giftMessage" property of the Order model, but I can't seem to find anything that would let me add a "to buyer" note like I have in the picture here. I have ch...


Trouble Creating Order with API

Hello, I'm hoping I can get some feedback or insight into what's going wrong here. I am attempting to POST an order to the ShipStation API but with little luck. I can GET order details just find no problem, so my authentication isn't the problem I be...

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 11.30.16 AM.png

Square/PayPal invoicing integration with SS

Is ShipStation ever going to have some sort of integration with a processors invoicing solution?Not only do I have unto 100 orders of day flowing through my ecom store, but I also do A LOT of custom things that require us to send an invoice. It would...

embedding by New Contributor
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Salesforce | PersonAccounts

We are setting up the ShipStation integration within our Salesforce org, but the issue is that we use PersonAccounts within Salesforce and not Contacts. So when it comes to the BillToContact and the ShipToContact, we can't fill these in, and we can't...

andyhaas by First-timer
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New Store Authentication fails - WooCommerce

Have followed instruction, grab auth key from shipstation in woocommerce, paste in shipstation add new store dialog, input url of store (tried tld first, then direct to /shop/ url) submit and error, no details on error. Host search error logs on host...

TierOne by New Contributor
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Does anyone here use Netsuite?

We are using Netsuite and have a middleware called Pipe17 that connects all of our sales channels and data mappings onto Netsuite. Pipe17 is the middleware that also ensures that all of the records that automatically get created in Netsuite are accur...

olsatools by New Contributor
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