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When is Order "ModifyDate" field updated?

Hello, Is there a document which outlines what actions on/changes to an order change the "modifyDate" field of an order? Just from testing things, it seems that Assigning/Unassigning a user to an order does not update this field, which i wish it woul...

info956 by New Contributor
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Shipstation not loading

I am not able to get into ShipStation today. when I log in to my account it just spins and nothing loads. Is anyone else having this problem. I can't even contact support because I can't log in.Sam Friedman718-643-8005 ext.106

sam1 by New Contributor
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Get External Shipments via API

Hi,Could you please advise how to get external shipments using API? I have read on the documentation that shipments created through UI will not be returned. But perhaps there is any way to get external shipments? Thanks in advance

PESALES by New Contributor
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Wordpress with no shopping cart

I have a client that wants to offer a thank you shopping page on their wordpress site. All items are free and their customers are shopping for a thank you gift then entering their shipping address. Any ideas on how I can connect such a page to shipst...

DebZ by New Contributor
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Unable to update Amazon Orders

Hello all, since earlier this morning I have not been able to updated any Amazon orders. At first, when I hit the refresh button, I was receiving this error: An error occurred attempting to update orders: 429, but since have began to receive this err...

Real-Diva by Occasional Contributor
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Display the WooCommerce store URL

When you add multiple WooCommerce stores they all are given the same name as WooComerce Store and you cannot see which one belongs to which store. Only ShipStation support can see that. Why? There are 10+ million Woo stores on the Net, it is not unco...

Error 404 when connect to ETSY

start yesterday, there error message, shows 'remoted server error 404"unable to pull order from ETSY,when i try to del the store and re add it, and i try put username in there and find store, it still show the same message error 404,

OZard by Occasional Contributor
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Amazon Combined Orders & USPS Tracking Numbers

Amazon is not accepting USPS tracking numbers from orders combined on ShipStation. After creating labels, I'm finding the separate orders still marked as "unshipped" on Amazon. On Amazon I get the message that "Same tracking ID entered for multiple o...

Austinite by Occasional Contributor
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Amazon Order Date

Ever since ShipStation switched over to the new Amazon SP-API, orders that come in after around 3pm PDT have the order date incorrectly set to the following day. Seems like a time zone issue with the new code. Has anyone else seen this, or is it just...

New store - Not able to connect to Amazon

Any one else having an issue connecting there shipstation to Amazon , i keep getting this error code : Something went wrongThis Developer is not currently eligible for new authorizations.Error Code: MD9000 Yes i opened a live chat and the rep said it...

BOOK2 by First-timer
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Amazon packing slip bug?

for some reason the product title override on orders is no longer working on Amazon and I"m not getting the SKU's either. I'm getting the full title, and image urls. I'm having to look up each order and it is getting tedious. Please fix. Thank you!

mokabean by New Contributor
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Amazon Updating Error?

Is anybody else having issues with Amazon Integration today? Everything is completely messed up on mine. We have two Amazon stores connected, and there are so many issues. Missing names and addresses, wrong pricing information, missing orders, not sh...

Starkline by Occasional Contributor
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Warehouse Location Not Updating with new orders

I've mentioned this before in the replies of other more general posts, but putting it here as it's own thread. I cannot understand why warehouse location is not updated automatically from the source (in our case, BigCommerce) when new orders are impo...

SpencerW by Occasional Contributor
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Historical Imports - Preventing New Orders?

Hello community! We opened a Shipstation ticket about this 6 hours ago but haven't heard back after our initial conversation. We've done some additional research since then and want to see if these forums might produce a faster response than our foll...

Kalaubre by New Contributor
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Update Store only gets a fraction of my open orders

Hi,I have an Ecwid store that I've just connected to ShipStation. The store has over 450 pre-orders going back to October 2021 for items that are due to ship next week. ShipStation is only showing 152 orders going back to January 12. Does anyone know...

ewestp by New Contributor
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Unable to add another selling channel (eBay)

I am the sole proprietor of my LLC and am the only one who will use Ship Station under my account. I just found that I do not have permissions to do anything; not sure why that is, considering I went through the setup with Ship Station over the phone...