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Shopify Integration Slow for the past month

New Contributor


Making a post since the incompetents @ support keeps telling us it's "expected behaviour"!

For the past month, Shipstation has been extremely slow in updating from our Shopify store. A refresh that would take 5-30seconds now takes 5-10minutes.

We did not get an increase in volume. This also happens when there is literally nothing to update. We reset the store connection to Shopify and still have that issue.

We interact with both the Shopify and Shipstation API on our back end internally. The performance on those tools have not been impacted at all.

We contacted support about this but were told "it's expected to take 5-10minutes for a refresh"

Are we alone experiencing this slowdown?




Occasional Contributor

We have been having the same issue. Syncing our Shopify store takes a lonnnng time. Has anyone found a solution?


No.  Shippo was nearly instantaneous.  While ShipStation has better features, the 1 hour plus delay (regardless of refreshing manually) for every order from Shopify is ridiculous.  It really matters at 3-4pm when we're seeing orders but can't print in time for UPS cutoff due to this delay.  Our IT team has spoken to SS several times but nothing has improved.  Probably time to go back to Shippo.