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Offer UPS from ShipStation rates to my WooCommerce site


Original post from user Ron Hill


Is there a way to push the UPS from ShipStation rates out to my WooC website?  I would like my customers to see dynamic rates when checking out.



Hi Ron, 


There is not currently a way to do this for WooCommerce. But we are actively working on a feature that will allow you to show the rates you get in ShipStation to your customers. It's currently available for Shopify and BigCommerce stores and we'll be adding more selling channels soon. You can review information about this feature in our In-Cart Delivery Options article


We will update that article each time we add support for additional selling channels, so keep an eye out for WooCommerce support.

Occasional Contributor

Any updates on this? (year and a half later)

I would like to see this as well. In many cases, it's the difference between an order (that gets shipped via ShipStation) and no order. I will also note that this feature has now been in development for THREE YEARS. 

Not encouraging.

New Contributor

Hello.  Any update???


Just to let you know.  I plan on dropping shipstation when we get the chance because it does not have this feature, but my 3pl provider wants us to use it.  

It looks a little embarrassing to see "we are actively working on a feature" in a post from 2020, with no follow up.

Hey there, thank you for your message. We completely understand your need for this feature. While we have not launched the Checkout Rate for WooCommerce, we will let the community know when we launch. 


We currently do not see an ETA for this feature. If there is anything else our team can help you with, please reach out to 


Thank you, and happy shipping!