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New Store Authentication fails - WooCommerce

Have followed instruction, grab auth key from shipstation in woocommerce, paste in shipstation add new store dialog, input url of store (tried tld first, then direct to /shop/ url) submit and error, no details on error. Host search error logs on host...

TierOne by New Contributor
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Does anyone here use Netsuite?

We are using Netsuite and have a middleware called Pipe17 that connects all of our sales channels and data mappings onto Netsuite. Pipe17 is the middleware that also ensures that all of the records that automatically get created in Netsuite are accur...

olsatools by New Contributor
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Printer's Plan Integration

Is anyone else using PrintReach Printer's Plan for order integration? We are sending our shipping rate back to Printer's Plan and our shipping config file is set to mark up the shipping cost but it doesn't and just sends the actual rate.

Shopify and ShipStation Phone Number Format

Original post by user Adam Weis Shopify supports an industry-standard phone number format, E.164. Examples of E.164 valid numbers: 6135551212+16135551212(613)555-1212+1 613-555-1212 The problem we have is ShipStation does not like +1 in the numbers a...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Walmart order with phone number integration

I would suggest to have phone number on Walmart integration, whatever Ebay or AMZ the order both have the phone number showing on the shistation and it is very important to prepare a shipment.However, walmart order integration does't support this fea...

dora by New Contributor
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QBO integration with Connex broken

We have been using SuncWithConnex for the past year with some success. In October there was some changes with their service that made it worthless. Instead of automatically sending orders, we now have to keep a special tab open in our browser and man...

IDScan by New Contributor
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Order count using API

Hello,I would like to simply retrieve some aggregated order data, things like counts by status etc. Is this possible to do without retreiving all of the order data? This data appears at the end of the order queries, but we dont want all the accompany...

InkSmith by New Contributor
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store with variants not syncing correctly

Is anyone else having the issue of their items not syncing correctly to shipstation when that item has a variant? Example someone purchases 2 shirts and they are different sizes and color (Black 2T and a 5T charcoal) but are on the same listing and t...

Walmart Integration Broken

Anyone else experiencing Walmart integration issues? Our store, which had been working flawlessly for a long time is now suddenly nonfunctional. Shipstation reports an error: An error occurred attempting to update orders: There is an error in XML doc...

corey by New Contributor
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Edit Shopify Order

Hi I am on a trial with ShipStation I have resolved most of my questions with support, but I have the following two questions which I can not seem to find a solution. 1. I edit an Order in Shopify (for example a customer ordered a Size XS, instead of...

When is Order "ModifyDate" field updated?

Hello, Is there a document which outlines what actions on/changes to an order change the "modifyDate" field of an order? Just from testing things, it seems that Assigning/Unassigning a user to an order does not update this field, which i wish it woul...

info956 by New Contributor
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Shipstation not loading

I am not able to get into ShipStation today. when I log in to my account it just spins and nothing loads. Is anyone else having this problem. I can't even contact support because I can't log in.Sam Friedman718-643-8005 ext.106

sam1 by New Contributor
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Get External Shipments via API

Hi,Could you please advise how to get external shipments using API? I have read on the documentation that shipments created through UI will not be returned. But perhaps there is any way to get external shipments? Thanks in advance

PESALES by New Contributor
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Wordpress with no shopping cart

I have a client that wants to offer a thank you shopping page on their wordpress site. All items are free and their customers are shopping for a thank you gift then entering their shipping address. Any ideas on how I can connect such a page to shipst...

DebZ by New Contributor
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Unable to update Amazon Orders

Hello all, since earlier this morning I have not been able to updated any Amazon orders. At first, when I hit the refresh button, I was receiving this error: An error occurred attempting to update orders: 429, but since have began to receive this err...

Real-Diva by Occasional Contributor
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Display the WooCommerce store URL

When you add multiple WooCommerce stores they all are given the same name as WooComerce Store and you cannot see which one belongs to which store. Only ShipStation support can see that. Why? There are 10+ million Woo stores on the Net, it is not unco...