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Amazon packing slip bug?

for some reason the product title override on orders is no longer working on Amazon and I"m not getting the SKU's either. I'm getting the full title, and image urls. I'm having to look up each order and it is getting tedious. Please fix. Thank you!

mokabean by New Contributor
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Amazon Updating Error?

Is anybody else having issues with Amazon Integration today? Everything is completely messed up on mine. We have two Amazon stores connected, and there are so many issues. Missing names and addresses, wrong pricing information, missing orders, not sh...

Starkline by Occasional Contributor
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Warehouse Location Not Updating with new orders

I've mentioned this before in the replies of other more general posts, but putting it here as it's own thread. I cannot understand why warehouse location is not updated automatically from the source (in our case, BigCommerce) when new orders are impo...

SpencerW by Occasional Contributor
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Historical Imports - Preventing New Orders?

Hello community! We opened a Shipstation ticket about this 6 hours ago but haven't heard back after our initial conversation. We've done some additional research since then and want to see if these forums might produce a faster response than our foll...

Kalaubre by New Contributor
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Update Store only gets a fraction of my open orders

Hi,I have an Ecwid store that I've just connected to ShipStation. The store has over 450 pre-orders going back to October 2021 for items that are due to ship next week. ShipStation is only showing 152 orders going back to January 12. Does anyone know...

ewestp by New Contributor
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Unable to add another selling channel (eBay)

I am the sole proprietor of my LLC and am the only one who will use Ship Station under my account. I just found that I do not have permissions to do anything; not sure why that is, considering I went through the setup with Ship Station over the phone...

Resolved! Multiple Shopify Stores

We are launching a second shopify store and I am just wondering if it is possible to have two shopify stores integrated as separate channels on one ShipStation account. I can't find any information that says this would be an issue but am looking to m...

Upstreet by New Contributor
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Amazon / ship station import issues

I'm experiencing an issue where some of my amazon stores do not completely syncing. I have an account with 4 FBM orders but only one order is being imported to shipstation. Someone else getting the same issue?

doslogic by First-timer
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Important Data Points Not Mapped

I have Opencart integrated with Shipstation. I'm finding that Shipstation has not and will not map basic data fields imported from Opencart. It is very annoying to see all the column options and not be able to use half of them. Example fields availab...

TexasGreg by Occasional Contributor
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WooCommerce connection issue

I am having an issue where my store disconnected from WooCommerce and I can't get it to reconnect. I keep on getting an error Object not set to a refrence or something like that. Any help would be appreciated.

Cancelled order still in Awaiting Shipment

Lately there have been numerous small bugs in Shipstation. Today's glitch is an Amazon order got cancelled by buyer. As I normally do I cancel the order in Shipstation but it is still showing in Awaiting Shipment. Normally it moves to Cancelled Order...

MR13 by New Contributor
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Shipstation Barcode API to pull orders

Hello, I'm integrating with the API and my client has the ShipStation barcode on an order summary slip. They want to be able to scan this and pull up the order like you can in ShipStation mobile, but I'm not finding anything in the API docs that allo...

jstrz by New Contributor
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how to send custom fields in custom store

I am using a custom store for the selling channel. I need to send a custom field to the order to view in order details. When I am sending it I can see the error that it is not the valid node in XML. How can I map a custom node value in this case. Is ...

Bigcommerce V3 conversion error 504

After converting to bigcommerce V3 I am unable to get orders into shipstation and receive error code 504. Have tried several times to reload based off of Shipstations directions with the same frustrating results. I have been dead in the water and una...