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ShipStation stopped importing Shopify FBA orders

New Contributor

As the title suggests, I discovered that ShipStation stopped importing FBA orders from our Shopify around April 19.  Other Amazon orders that are not FBA have continued to import normally.  We use the Amazon by Codisto channel in our Shopify store.



Hello @geraldz


Thanks for being a part of our community and for reaching out. 


In a case like this I would recommend reaching out to support which I can see you have already done. I would continue to work with support on this as they have the tools to help get to the root of things. 

If anyone else in the community is experiencing the same thing I would recommend creating a ticket with our support team as well. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 

My orders from Wix stopped importing into shipstation when I set up a new website with app in Wix

Any help on this?

With the Amazon by Codisto app FBA orders were not imported because Amazon does not provide a shipping address.  Check your Wix orders to see if there is a shipping address?

I m not using AMAZON.  My shipping address or the customer address


Did you get this resolved? Our Shipsation just stopped importing Shopify orders yesterday.

New Contributor

Hi Jeff.  Apparently Codisto is still working on this bug.  However I discovered a temporary fix that you can apply manually to each order.  Where the order shows "Customer - no name provided" click on the X and then choose a customer.  You can create a generic FBA customer with a default address.

It has been several months and Amazon by Codisto still has not fixed this bug!  In the settings there is an options to "Send "FBA Order" as the customer name."  But this function does not work, there is no name associated with the order.  So I have to manually add a customer name (called FBA) and select the address so that ShipStation can import it.

Where is the "Send FBA Order"?  where can I find that



Amazon by Codisto/Settings

This has nothing to do with Wix