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Acutane ShipStation for module not posting back to Magento 2 store


Original post by user Charles Martin



We are using acutane api module for shipstation to post back completed orders to magento 2 store but it is not posting back.  We are able to download orders without any issue but when it comes to posting back those same orders (send up 'complete'  status and the tracking number), the module does not seem to be sending that information to magento 2 so that the order stays in 'processing' status and we do not have the tracking number that was produced after shipping the order.  Please let me know how this can be resolved asap.





Hi Charles, 


We're aware this has been an issue affecting a number of our Magento 2 users. A 3rd party developer recently worked on the open source plugin and it appears to have resolved the shipment notification issue back to Magento from ShipStation. 


They posted their work to their own open Github repository for anyone who'd like to use it (please note this is a use-at-your-own-risk option). Our developers are looking at the updates to verify if we'll be merging the updates with our own open source Github repository. If that occurs, we'll post an updated version of the plugin in the Magento marketplace. 


Feel free to view the feedback thread on this issue on our feedback forums.


The latest Auctane extension (v.2.2.3) was added to the Magento Marketplace on February 4th. This plug-in should address the shipment notification issues some users were experiencing with the previous extension.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

I know this is nearly three years later but we are running Magento 2.4.3 and another store with Magento 2.4.4 and notifying the marketplace is still broken using the latest ShipStation module. This is a major feature we had counted on being functional and we are quite frustrated to find out it is broken. I've emailed support and gotten a limited response that was less then helpful. Basically it was "it's not our problem, talk to Magento". If you all developed a patch three years ago, why are you telling me to go talk to Magento? We both know that Magento ain't going to do a thing about it. This is ShipStation code not working and it would be nice if a ShipStation developer would take a look at the ticket and try to solve the problem versus pawning it off to someone else.