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Amazon Orders & Phone Number Import Issue

New Contributor

Amazon uses phone numbers to keep customer data anonymous. This is a 10 digit phone number and a 5 digit extension. On Friday someone at ShipStation decided to import this as a 15 digit or 16 digit if the 1 is included number. Too long for UPS and FedEx labels. Now it throws an error for each label. User needs to delete phone number on each label to proceed.  


When will this be rectified?




I have over 300 orders failing. How did this happen. Amazon is probably the largest user base for Shipstation and why is this happeing?



Same issue here. We have to manually edit each order for the time being, greatly increasing the time it takes to ship a package.

Occasional Contributor

We use FedEx nowadays, but we used to use UPS. Amazon started this phone # business about a year and a half ago. Are you a new user, new to UPS, or did something change recently that I just haven't come across yet?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Everyone, 


Thank you for your contributions to this thread and our Community. Apologies for the delay in getting this information out, but a fix to this issue was pushed out around 11 am CST on Monday.


Please feel free to either reply to this thread and reach out to support if you are still seeing errors around this at this point in time. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager