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Error Message - no help from Support - failure to notify marketplace

New Contributor

Anyone experience this error message?
You must write ContentLength bytes to the request stream before calling [Begin]Getresponse


This is the error message when I ship from ShipStation. The import from my marketplace to SS works fine, however no notifications are made nor an update sent to my marketplace when I ship. (The order does land in the Shipments section in SS - just no notifications)

This is an open item with support, but that was 5 days ago and additional information I asked for has fallen on deaf ears. My marketplace support person looked at his end and said he didn't see anything amiss. This appears to be a SS issue. Lacking a resolution soon, I'm looking at alternative providers - frustrating after being on SS for 5+ yrs.


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And still no response.  Unbelievable

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Posted this review to Trust Pilot:
Unfortunately, support is sorely lacking. When working properly, ShipStation functions well. However, I began experiencing errors when ShipStation failed to report transactions to my marketplace. Contacted support 7/24/22. 9 days later no resolution. I was promised information 3 separate times from their API team with no followup response. My marketplace developer is more than willing to try to troubleshoot the issue if the responsibility is due to my server but cannot get the information. ShipStation support has done nothing to resolve the error at this point. If ShipStation monitors this review, ref Support Request: 3123730, 3119172, 3120742, 3130436, 3130446, 3129624, 3131445 - yes, I've contacted them via "chat" - their only support conduit.
I encourage you to factor this into your decision making process
I will update and relay resolution results as appropriate.

Hey there @sales223


I am sorry to hear about the troubles you've described. 


With that in mind, I am happy to see see that our support team is working with you to resolve this issue. When running into this sort of behavior that is absolutely the right choice!


Thanks for being patient  🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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I'm also experiencing this issue, specifically with delayed Amazon orders. If I purchase a label for a couple days out, when that day comes, it's only Amazon orders that get the failure to notify error.

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Unfortunately, the system issue was resolved for 3-4 days but now has returned. I made no setting changes. My sense is that this is a SS server issue but support hasn't tracked it down.