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Store ID changed from Int to GUID


Hey all, it looks like Shipstation has switched the Store ID from being an integer to a GUID, at least from what I can see in the store setup area.

We set up manual stores for each of our integrations with our OMS and have previously used the ID that shows up when you edit the store. Now it shows a GUID and we aren't able to see the Integer for new integrations.

Using the GUID for our integration returns the following error from our OMS "HTTP_STATUS(400) :{"Message":"The request is invalid.","ModelState":{"apiOrder.advancedOptions.storeId":["Could not convert string to integer: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX. Path 'advancedOptions.storeId', line 1, position 1410."]}}

We've reached out to them to find a workaround but wanted to post something here in case anyone else was having a similar issue and had a workaround.





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I checked with our API support team and we did stop exposing the Store ID in the store setup URL. But there are two ways you can still get your Store ID. 


  1. Use the list stores call to get your store IDs and save the list for future reference. Here is the ShipStation API doc about the List Stores call for your reference.
  2. Use your browser dev tools. 
     To do this:
    • From the store setup page, right-click in anywhere in the whitespace of the ShipStation UI
    • Select “inspect” or “inspect element” (browser dependent)
    • From the Inspect window, select the “Network” tab
    • In the ShipStation UI, click to edit the store details for the store in question
    • The store ID will present itself in the Inspector window



I hope this helps!


Sarah H.
Austin, Tx



How frustrating your solution does not work.   A simple ID but need a programmer to retrieve the number.   Wow!

I'm so sorry for the frustration! I checked with our development team to ask why this change was made and it looks like it was a technical need due to how the database works and the fact that there can be identical store IDs across multiple accounts but within the same database. The GUID resolves this and prevents issues that could manifest with duplicated store IDs. 


However, I realize that information doesn't really help your situation. For now, the best way to access the store ID if you have a need for it is to use your browser's dev tools option (option 2 from the above post) - this is something anyone can do within their browser. No need for a programmer to submit a List Stores call via the API. 


We'd be interested in feedback from our users about the challenges this creates. If you have a moment, it would be great if you could submit a product feedback post on our Ideas board. This way other community members can vote and comment on it and that helps our product team better understand the needs and challenges around this so we can potentially create a solution within the platform that addresses it. 



Sarah H.
Austin, Tx



Can you confirm that this fix, specifically using the dev tool, still works? @SuperMgr-Sarah 
I've gotten to the inspect -> network phase but when i click to edit a specific store the stored doesn't change. Im using chrome



Frequent Contributor

yeah, it looks like it's changed again, and this way doesn't work. Again.