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Single order from eBay store created "TWO" shipments/orders in ShipStation


I am totally mystified why one single individual order imported from eBay (correctly) resulted in creating TWO separate shipments in my SS account.  The two separate shipments are in ONE SS order number, marked 1 of 2 and 2 of 2.  Of these, order number 1 (correctly for the ebay item purchased) has the subject/item name filled in correctly. Order #2 (for the same ebay item) has a blank for the subject/item name.  I hope I've made it clear what happened. There was only one ebay order/purchase; but in my SS queue of labels to print - there are TWO separate shipments showing for which to buy labels.


I contacted Live Chat and the tech was good but really didn't resolve anything.  I don't think simply marking a duplicate as "canceled" takes care of the problem. I don't want this happening in the first place.


Has anyone else had this same issue and how did you resolve it ?  I'm in the trial period for SS and this is very disconcerting because eBay is the one place I cannot afford to mess up !! This clearly is a SS error, because my eBay account is functioning 100%.  Thank you in advance for any thoughts/assistance.