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Square Space Live Shipping Rates integration Request

New Contributor


Our SquareSpace website offers "Carrier Calculated" shipping however the UPS Ground rates are often much more than what we will actually pay with Shipstation UPS rates.  Overcharging my customer for shipping is not a good move they may elect not to purchase at all.  


I recently contacted both Sqaurespace and Shipstation chat help to find out more and here is what I learned:



"Unfortunately, this is because at this time square space does not have an integration with us to display live rates. Because we do have what is called checkout rates that pull and display the ShipStation rates as the user checks out this is only avalible with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento and Wix though." 


This is a request for shipstation to reach out to square space and add this "checkout rates"  integration 

Thank you

Holly Rutt




New Contributor

I am having an issue with the checkout rates on my Wix website. The quoted, and paid for shipping rate, is lower than what I get charged when I actually buy the shipping and ship through Ship Station. It only seems to happen with UPS