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Square Sync Broken

New Contributor

Square Sync is Broken, and the conversation with the customer support agent is outrageously off-base, and NOT helpful. I'm ready for a refund and to look in a different direction. They've asked me for screenshots, which I've sent, to which they've responded with really weird suggestions that do not address the problem. They've suggested that I go to the URL settings and make sure Shipstation is whitelisted (how can I do this with Square???) This is an API issue: if the APY sync is not working please just tell me that, don't make up other stuff and send me down the rabbit hole of other issues that you're inventing 


Occasional Contributor

I'm getting errors too, and also got ridiculous and weird suggestions on how to 'fix' the error. absolute bullsh*t

Occasional Contributor

...and it's still not working.