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WP Easycart and Square Payments - duplicates of order showing in ShipStation


I have a WP EasyCart website, which is set up to accept Square Payments.


I also have a Square online site (which is just the free option included with Square).


I have a manual orders store set up to get orders from the WP Easycart site. When a buyers makes a purchase there, and pays with the Square option, then in ShipStation, this same orders shows up twice. once under the Manual Orders (WP Easycart) store, and once under the Square store.


Has anyone else seen this behavior with ShipStation/WP EasyCart/Square? Having 3 vendors involved is going to make troubleshooting this interesting.


FWIW, I do have the WP Easycart premium, and the ShipStation plugin. 


I am hoping this can be fixed in a configuration somewhere.


Hello there, 


Thanks for joining us here in the community! 


What you are describing sounds like multiple sources for the same orders. When those are importing from different sources, they will both import into ShipStation. 


My recommendation would be to select one of the sources to maintain the orders from and cancel them away for the version of the order that imports from the other, that way you are not duplicating shipping efforts. Finding a common criteria among those orders specifically, that do not apply to other orders in your system, would allow you to set up an automation rule so that you could easily find/filter/sort out those duplicate orders. 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!