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Wayfair Integration

Hello!Anybody successfully connected Wayfair marketplace to shipstation? I did, but shipstation do not retrieve orders from my Wayfair. Could you please advise and/or provide with your steps?Thank you!

More Webhook Type Options

ShipStation provide a webhook solution that is great, but it would be very helpful if there is more Types supported.Right now we have webhooks for: New Order, New Item, Orders Shipped and Items Shipped.It would be very nice if we have also for: Order...

Update Order API

I'm would like to update the internalNotes field of an existing orders with our shipping cost (Status = awaiting_shipment) before I complete the Marked Ship API. I sent the API with the Order Number, OrderId and OrderKey (along with all the other req...

Ship shopify order via API

I am confused as to how to ship a Shopify order via the API. What is the proper sequence of steps to:Ship the order (creating a label)Telling Shopify the order was fulfilledSince my customer ships via Shipstation and it gets marked as fulfilled, I kn...

Mercado Libre Beta

We are unable to connect to the marketplace Mercado Libre (Beta). Mercado Libre is available as a marketplace: when trying to connect, we are receiving the below error message We contacted Mercado Libre to inform them of this bug today. If someone is...

mercado libre 01.jpg mercado libre 02.jpg
Bastien by First-timer
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Filter WooCommerce Products

I have my ShipStation account connected to a WooCommerce store. Some of my products are fulfilled by other sources, not the fulfillment team that uses ShipStation. Is there a way to filter my products in WooCommerce so that only certain products show...

Filter order by Multiple store via API

Hi, In our client ShipStation store, we receive orders from multiple sources, Amazon, etc, How can we identify the order source via API, We use the following API to pull orders from Shipstaion.https://ssapi.shipstation.com/orders Please let us know, ...

ramkumar by First-timer
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Resolved! Fulfilled Orders Still Awaiting Shipment

Hi, We have a batch of recent orders that we fulfilled in Shopify but are still listed as "awaiting shipment" in ShipStation. We integrated our ShipStation and Shopify accounts before these orders were received. The orders were all captured and fulfi...

mackerman by Occasional Contributor
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eBay Error importing

Getting this error when importing eBay orders: An error occurred attempting to update orders: Failed to parse MonoAuth response.

john4 by Occasional Contributor
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Fulfilled orders showing as 'awaiting shipment'

Hey, I have some orders that I fulfil myself via local delivery or customer collection. When these are complete they're marked as fulfilled in Shopify, but when looking at my orders in Shipstation they're still showing as 'awaiting shipment'. Of cour...

Blakovic by New Contributor
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Customs declaration incorrectly calculated

Hello We use the Shopify integration. When a customer has a discount on their order, this discount should be reflected in the individual customs declaration for each item. Currently the value of each customs declaration line is not being adjusted dow...

freddie by First-timer
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Remove PRICE (when assigned to other users)

Prices on products should be a on/off feature on orders. For most, Shipstation is just used to create shipping so product price shouldn't matter. However, if anyone assigns an order to another user... (we have a few 3rd party drop ship vendors that u...

Intermittent population of [Warehouse Location]

We have Shipstation integrated with Various Market places and Finale inventory. On our packing slips, the [Warehouse Location] intermittently populates with the information within Finale. I have not found a common reason for this. Can someone point m...

G2it by New Contributor
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Walmart API Auto Acknowledge and No Email

Ever since connecting ShipStation with Walmart seller API, whenever Walmart sends our ShipStation account a notice of a new order Walmart auto acknowledges the order and does not send an email that an order was being placed.

iisrael by New Contributor
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Prestashop integration

I'm trying to convert my old cart to PrestaShop. Installed the ShipStation module on a test site (a subdir of my live site), followed all the instructions to set it up, but [Test Connection] insists there is a 404 error. I'm certain the url is correc...

dstrenz by Occasional Contributor
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