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Warehouse Location Not Updating with new orders

Occasional Contributor

I've mentioned this before in the replies of other more general posts, but putting it here as it's own thread.


I cannot understand why warehouse location is not  updated automatically from the source (in our case, BigCommerce) when new orders are imported. At the moment, the warehouse location is updated the first time that product comes in from BigCommerce to Shipstation, but after that we are forced to do it manually.


Shipstation has a lot going for it, but it is by no means an inventory management system. We can't use it as the source of truth for our warehouse locations, so why must we be forced to have to update this data on two systems? It's infuriating that Shipstation receive the BPN from BigCommerce, successfully map it to warehouse location in the first instance, but after that - nothing. 


Please, please, please, please fix this asap.