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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
When I hand deliver or the customer picks up and I manually mark it as shipped, it requires me to select a carrier, so can you make a carrier in the drop-down that is "picked up" and does not request a tracking number to be put in and maybe make another carrier that is "hand-delivered" or "self-delivered" and also does not require a tracking number?
I agree with the sentiments of all - Customer pickup or Local pickup is a MUST. Workarounds cost time and money. Please add Customer Pickup to the carrier options. That way all orders where customers choose local pickup can be set to default to Customer pickup ("Carrier") when imported and easily progressed to shipped in batches when picked up.
Problem: GSO is not an available carrier for Mark as Shipped User Goal: Add GSO as a carrier for Mark as Shipped, and specify '{trackingnumber}' as the tracking link, so that when we notify Shopify of the shipment, they will correctly map the tracking number to the carrier. How often does the user encounter this?: When Mike marks most of his Shopify orders as Shipped, he selects "other" as a carrier, because GSO is not one of the available options. When we notify Shopify, they try to match up the tracking number, and default to USPS. His customers get an shipping email from Shopify, with an invalid tracking number for USPS. Teamed up with ShipStation, Mike reaches out to Shopify to troubleshoot the issue but Shopify refuses to help, directing Mike to find the solution through ShipStation. ZD Link: MGMT Link:
First-timer (legacy)
I recommend adding the option to mark an order as delivered. Recently, I added a local delivery option on my website for customers. I appreciate the ability to mark those orders as shipped! To keep my records up to date, I would love to have the option of marking those orders as delivered once I have delivered them! Without this option, orders stay under the "Shipments" tab, which does not keep my records accurate. I enjoy using ShipStation because I can keep track of my inventory, orders, shipments, and deliveries! I love that everything is in one place. By having this option as my business grows, I can ensure efficiency and accuracy in my records.
First-timer (legacy)
Coming to comment again... I have to make a delivery today. Can't make a custom carrier (Delivery) so have an exception to the process leading to errors. It's been at least 8 years now. Please just allow us to create a custom carrier - or at least make two standard ones : delivery and will call. Why is this so hard?
We also would like: 1) Will-Call Pick-Up (or Customer Pick-Up) 2) Local Delivery ( or delivered by our company)
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Still no traction on this?
First-timer (legacy)
I could really use Local Pickup.
First-timer (legacy)
We have customers who pickup pallets with their own trucks. No way to effectively make a manual order and then adjust inventory, etc. Mark as "shipped" does not update the data properly. This sucks. I have to manually edit my inventories for dozens of items. Simply add a "pickup" option for a shipping method.
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Hi, with the impact that covid has had on ecom and the emmergence of smaller same day or next day delivery. Companies like Xpedigo and other smaller carriers should be able to minimally share their tracking number and have the basic functions of: inserting a tracking number, manifest creation and pick-up resquests. These are basic needs for carrier and the canadian sub-market is definately to be tended to ASAP.- Gabrielle
First-timer (legacy)
This feature would be great!!