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Status: Investigating
Currently during an exchange, we reship the original order and then have to change the packing slip by hand writing the changes. While we could create manual orders for each of these, right now customer information does not automatically fill in all of the time when creating an order. When this happens we can go to the customers tab and then search for the customer and then create an order from there, but this seems like an extra step. It would be convenience to have a "duplicate order" button that would create a new order to the same recipient directly from the orders or shipments tab.
First-timer (legacy)
It would be great if under the "Other Actions" button, a "Duplicate Order as New Shipment" option existed. You would select an order, click this, and it would duplicate the entire selected order, but with a blank order number and the current date. Then you could type in the order number. This would be enormously helpful as I am currently re-typing manual orders over and over for specific customers, with the same specific items, quantity, and pricing, who order the same thing all the time. It's a lot of wasted time. If I don't enter the order in shipstation, and just use the "reship" hack, it screws up my revenue charts and inventory.
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I'm aware of the reship order feature but that does not serve my needs. We need a duplicate order feature to duplicate everything for a totally new order that is not tied to a previous order. We need this for accurate shipping and inventory control.
'@Jon Jakoblich Bacon Scouts Inc. - on the new layout the genuises at Shipstation decided to remove the "restore" button from "Shipped" 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ The restore button NOW only exists if you're on the "Cancelled" page... Which makes absolutely zero sense in the use case like @Stephen Polizzi said of when a package goes missing and your customer opts for free replacement instead of a refund (yay!) then you just simply need to move the package from "Shipped" back to "Awaiting Shipment". I just got off a chat with SS customer support that actually told me to.... wait for it!.... to simply void the label as a means to move it back to "Awaiting Shipment" 🤣🤣 I mean sure why don't I collect a refund on a delivered USPS package just because the genuises at Shipstation took away the darn "Restore" button. And I love how on the page you linked it says... "Should you cancel an order by mistake, or need to return an order to the Awaiting Shipment status for any reason" then goes on to say to hit the Restore button. The part that says "for any reason" to me indicates SOMEONE at Shipstation does understand the need for this functionality from "ANY" status (including Shipped)... but apparently whoever is in charge of deleting functionality obviously didn't get the memo to NOT delete this.
'@Admin you linked re-ship to but that link is now broken. Where is the current link?
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Marvin, I 100% agree, I to use the "create another shipment" and inventory is not accurate nor items, shipping etc... Need a better option
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Yes, this is a fantastic idea. The issue does occur and a Duplicate button would simply quite a bit of extra work.
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'@Admin. This is a major missing feature. Every time we have to ship a replacement to a customer, I spend 5 minutes doing this. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 1. finding the customers address from the prior order. 2. copy and paste that to a note pad, in case SS can't find it on the auto lookup (about 20% of the time I have to enter it manually). 3. copy and paste the original order number, so I can use it as part of the new manual order number (such as FIX-22567) 4. Copy and paste the SKU of all items from the original order, onto the same notepad file. 5. Enter those SKU's into the Add item SKU field. Make sure it found that item, and choose the right one from the drop down menu. 6. Setup shipping if anything new is added that changes the packing size or weight. 7. Save REPEAT. MULTIPLE TIMES. PER DAY. Feature: Other Actions-->Duplicate Order. Behavior: Duplicate the the current order, give us the ability to edit the order number, customer info and the order items before saving. I can't believe we have to document the use case for this feature...9 years after first proposal in 2012
I'm convinced even Shipstation has lost track of what this actually means, and how their system SHOULD function. Just mind boggling how I accidentally used the wrong shipping settings on 20 labels at once, so I quickly voided them, and now the product line items are BLANK. Their fix? To MANUALLY WRITE DOWN on each label and/or carry the computer with you for 20 orders so you can reference what items are supposed to be in the order. FFS. Again, whoever came up with this brilliant idea is a moron and should be fired asap. Whoever is running shipstation has obviously never actually fulfilled or shipped a package in their life. This is what happens when corporate america takes over.
Status changed to: Under Review

Haven't seen anything on this topic since the duplicate order feature still not available?