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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Can you please add the "Ship By Date" field to the custom data export for Orders? The "Ship By Date" field already exists in each order, so hopefully this can be implemented quickly. Thanks.
First-timer (legacy)
Agreed this field should be included, not sure why it wasn't included in the initial build of export
New Contributor
Also add "Ship From" as a field option for custom exports as well please! It needs to be there to know if an item came from inside or outside the country for accounting purposes for those of us with multiple companies depending on location.
New Contributor
Bumping this post, please implement I could very much use this for custom reports in seeing how many days are left in fulfilling this order. Thanks
First-timer (legacy)
Could you please add Ship By field to the custom data export? Please. This is a very crucial business need and we really need that information to provide better customer service. I am kind of sad that this very important field hasn't been included by default. Hopefully you can include this field asap. Pleeeeaassseee ;) Thanks -Peter