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Having the ability to select LTL freight carrier such AAA Cooper, Averitt Express, YRC, Old Dominion to the shipping options... and incorporating a link to these carrier's websites on the email notification the customer gets when the orders are marked as shipped. Currently we have to select "other" as the shipping carrier and creates extra customer service cases when customer can't track their shipments. Customer are used the ease of just clicking a link to track their shipments, instead of having to go to the carrier's website.
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AAA Cooper Tracking Transportation providing courier shipment worldwide. For that we have Shipping Exchange Tracker System to get the real-time courier information of your shipment. To check out Refer this:
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Any updates? Seems like there are a lot of competing products offering LTL.
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Hi Gary Lau Rotomaster, thanks for checking up on this one. We're reviewing LTL shipping providers and will let you know once we have updates.
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It would also help us a ton to see LTL freight carriers.. AGS, Forward Air, Roadrunner, Frontline, Central Freight, CEVA, XPO, Clearlane. We have to manually send an additional email to customers since Shipstation only allows for "Other" in this circumstance. If we don't manually send that email we have to field customer inquiries about how it shipped and how to track. Time consuming! Please add to carrier list!
Yes this is a problem and needs to be fixed
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Definitely looking for this feature. I don't see an update however. Did I miss it?
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Many brokers and carriers use similar TMS systems, so this seems doable. The perfect situation is we could create Bills of Lading and request pickups from the Order Screen by putting in skid dimensions, freight class and NMFC numbers. We'd pay some good money for that service as an added carrier/fulfiller to ShipStation. Some vendors you might partner with include DLS - broker, Emerge - TMS software, MercuryGate - TMS software, or Echo Global - broker to help develop the solution. At the very least, the ability to input the Pro number, so the customer can track their order when we mark as shipped. Some carriers will even give our company Pro numbers prior to the Bill of Lading for the skids, so we do know what Pro number goes with which carrier. This process would be our processor marks as shipped, the pop up window comes up with R+L Freight Carriers as option, we enter the Pro number and click Notify customer, then the customer gets an email with the carrier website and the Pro number. Right now, my company waits until we post orders to QuickBooks Online and sends the tracking number and website link along with the sales receipt from QBO. ShipStation could provide some great efficiencies by adding LTL tracking communication.
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Please add this or at least in the "other" tab let us type it in!
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Would also be very helpful if we could track the costs for these LTL shipments in Shipstation as well so we could keep track of all shipping costs in one place instead of having to run separate reports for our parcel and LTL orders.
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YRC is not added to your current pool of shipping carriers because of this we have to manually add tracking details to eBay and Walmart, because of this the customer is unable to receive the shipment tracking email and the link to the tracking info. Please add YRC freight to your pool of shipping carrier along with its link i.e so that our customers can get timely email updates along with the link.