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It would save me (& a lot of my fellow store owners) if we could create an automation based on a tag being added! Like if I add a certain tag to an order, it fires an automation off (like sending an email to a customer for example) -- this would save me SOOO MUCH time. And many others. There are often a lot of error addresses so I would love to be able to add a "ERROR" tag and then it fires off an automation to send to the customer to help get the correct address. We do this not but much more manual and takes a lot of our time. Please vote community, let's make this happen!
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Currently I use local 3rd party carriers not used on the dropdown options. I want each to have their own email template with out having to navigate to the bottom to change it. What I tried was giving each, including our in-store pickups a Tag, then writing automation to change the template based on the tag. Turns out this won't work because the automation rules on get applied on import and aren't actively running. The work around is going into settings to reprocess. This is a pain. I understand that active automation can bog down the speed of the system, so a process automation button at the top or a hotkey would be amazing (or offer custom carriers management in the dropdown for marked as shipped)
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Thank you for your feedback. I may have a solution for the specific scenario you mentioned about emails for address validation issues. Since addresses are validated when they import, you can create a rule where the criteria is set to Address Verified :: Equals :: Warning or Error, then set the action to email the customer's email address using a template you've set up for this specific purpose in your email template settings. This would automatically send an email to the order's address (if present) when the address validation fails, so that customer knows to follow up with you on correcting the address. Here are some help articles about automation rules and email templates to help you get started: Automation rules: Email Template: Currently, the automation features in ShipStation can only run when the order imports or when you click the Reprocess Automation Rules button. So you would not be able to make an action occur just by manually adding a tag to an order after it has imported. However, if you use an automation rule to tag an order (or, the order gets tagged because it contains a tagged product), you could create a follow up automation rule that uses the tag as its criteria to perform your specified action.
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Hi - I too am looking for a way to have an email sent when a tag is added to an order.


In my set up, my fulfillment team may add "OOS" for Out of Stock or "Needs review".  These are two examples where I'd love for an email to be sent to me, or an item added to my to-do list.  I don't get in ShipStation every day so there are times when a couple days may pass and I really should address these items.  It would say time, and make a more robust system if a trigger on a tag added can alert the next person in the process.

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we should have the ability to import order tags when an order syncs over into shipstation. currently i have been told by shipstation support that this functionality does not exist. i am not sure why with their api's why there is not a field we can write to and hook into. 

it would be very helpful for us and presumably other users for this to exist so then the automation rules within shipstation would run and take over. i understand there is the ability to manually add tags to orders once the order is in shipstation but that is not feasible with the amount of orders we ship.