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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed

Batches need to be seen by all users not just the person that created it.

Without the ability for users to see and process other user's batches, our dreams of automating our shipping process are out the window. We have one employee who process all our orders based on a handful of other team's metrics. She is the one that organizes the orders and creates the label batches, but a different person in a different location actually packs and ships the orders. These are significantly different skills and so we are stuck having her create a manual spreadsheet everyday which the shipper has to manually follow. This is especially frustrating because the Batch column remains empty even if a batch has been created including the order. If we don't a fix for this, we will be forced to go with a different software 😐

is there an update on this? not having batches be able to be seen globally is the biggest issue in our workflow, and has been for YEARS