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ShipStation is a great tool for shipping items but it shouldn't force all orders to be paid before they are shipped. We ship a lot of orders that are "paid" by purchase order and having to mark them as paid in ShipStation in order to ship them creates accounting issues. When we pull the orders Into Quickbooks, they come across as paid and we have no automated way of tracking unpaid invoices. I like the idea of identifying orders in ShipStation that are not paid but let me decide if I want to ship them!
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Have this feature added to shipstation? Fulfilling order for terms customer usually pay after the order have been shipped. It is crucial for b2b model.


Another new member here that needs to print labels for unpaid orders and am shocked to stumble upon this thread going back 7 YEARS!! C'mon, ShipStation! There's a ton of customers begging you to make some simple changes that would make their lives easier.

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Over eight years now, and we still need this feature. With the amount of money you make off your customers, it's ridiculous that this hasn't been added. 

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Yes!  If I want to ship 10 orders, say they are consignment orders, I need to be able to move the orders with a bulk action.  It is a time suck to have to do this order by order!  

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Agree, need ability to ship orders "awaiting payment". Like others have said, unbelievable that SS wouldn't have this feature.

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We cannot fully transition to ShipStation until this issue is fixed.

Same! I would like to request an automation rule to mark orders as paid. It would be easy to set up with the triggers that currently exist. What doesn't exist is the action to mark orders as paid. 

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Ditto, ShipStation, what if you simply gave us the option to turn OFF Awaiting Payment filter in different sales channels? Wholesalers have to work with orders that won't be paid for months after they ship and this can totally mess with the systems. OR, just be able to move orders to Awaiting shipment--whether they are paid or not! Why is this so hard?

I would say that after using SS for over 4 years now, that this is the only thing that continuously frustrates and confuses us.

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We are also not able to properly ship (UnPaid) NET TERMS orders on ShipStation. When we manually mark the order "PAID" in ShipStation, after a few minutes when a new call is made out to Shopify, it moves it back to "Awaiting Payment" because Shopify shows "Unpaid". Our temp workaround is we have to manually notify the warehouse to ship XYZ order right after it's released and it has to ship before ShipStations does a new call with Shopify. Might be a few minutes, but once we miss it, it goes back to "Awaiting Payment" and we have to repeat it all over again. It's very frustrating. I'm surprised to see this has been in the works for 7 years!!!