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It would be extremely beneficial for my company to have the "End of day" submission automated so that I don't have to go and close shipments each day. There are glitches on your end that are not picking up all articles for Australia post and I have been charged thousands of dollars by Australia post because "end of day" forms were not closed. This needs to be addressed as I am considering leaving Shipstation for this reason.
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It would be great if I don't print an End of the Day report by my cut off time each day and there are shipments, an End of the Day report would be automatically created for me. Often times I'm busy packing and or get caught on Saturday without manually creating a report and by the time I go to create one I'm no longer able to. So I have many packages that actually have been delivered and received by the post office but the tracking number for those orders don't show it. Furthermore, I have no proof that it has been picked up by USPS.
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Please allow the shipping manifest to be emailed on a schedule. This would be super helpful.
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It would be nice that at an interval (say 5pm or user selectable) SS could send an email with the shipping manifest to our sales team so that they know what actually went.
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Automate a shipment manifest to print every day at a X time for all carriers for our records
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Create "End Of Day" (EOD) when item hits the mail stream.
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You should program the system to close out the daily scan forms automatically if they are not done by the user like Amazon does. Saves us alot of work. It is illogical that if we do not close out a day then we are not able to either close it or create a scan form for the missed day. Now we have to find the 21 parcels eemove them from the other 150 we have and have the postal service scan one by one. This is not modern !!!!
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I agree with the automated end of day. We have to manually close all Canada Post shipments at the end of each day or risk being charged and it's very easy to forget this step. 

Having a set time when Shipstation automatically closes all open shipments would be a huge benefit. 


Yes, I just asked ShipStation if this was possible and they directed me here. We want the EOD automated!