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I would like an Automation Action that would allow us to update a shipping address. Why? Well, our business uses SquareSpace for Subscriptions which do not allow customers to update their shipping address and we also cannot do it. It means that the customer has to cancel and resubscribe. That is unfortunate for people who are grandfathered into an old subscription service. It is also just inconvenient for our customers. It would be helpful if we could adjust their shipping address with an automation rule when the new order is imported from Ship Station or wherever, every month. So even though a new order will be imported from SquareSpace every month with their old address, having the customer address saved in ShipStation will override all future orders so that the address will always be the one we have on file for ShipStation? I'm currently not seeing any other options to change the address. We love hearing your feedback! To request a feature, you can post your idea in our forum or up-vote existing ideas. The team reviews these ideas regularly to guide our product roadmap. Let us know how a certain feature could impact your business and improve how you work, and our team will take it under consideration.
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