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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Started
Hi- We often times have back orders but can ship partial shipments. Would love the ability for Shipstation to automatically split orders for us based on rules.
First-timer (legacy)
Would really love to be able to add a split order rule. 'If quantity is greater than 3, split into order of quantity equaling 2 per shipment" or something along those lines
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, would love to have this feature. We ship prints in addition to bulkier items, and have to ship the prints separate in a stay-flat mailer
First-timer (legacy)
YES! Please add this feature
First-timer (legacy)
Yes! Rules based on shipping zone
Occasional Contributor
Here is our current workflow: We have different SKUs stored at three different warehouses (each SKU is exclusive to each warehouse). A customer places an order and their order contains, for example, one SKU from each warehouse. This means we have to ship three packages to the customer. Currently, every morning we have to log into shipstation and manually review each order to split the order, in this case, one shipment for each warehouse. Once the warehouse fulfills their portion of the order, it is then assigned to the next warehouse, until the order is fulfilled. This causes huge delays for these orders. Splitting shipments by automation rules will not solve this problem but is at least the first step. - There are many issues with this workflow, mainly that each warehouse has their own shipstation login. Since the entire order must be assigned, not just the individual shipments each warehouse processes their shipment one at a time. In an ideal world, each shipment would be able to be assigned separately and independently. - If anybody has suggestions on how to improve this workflow it would be appreciated. - Edit: An additional use case we currently would use this for would be when the quantity of a SKU exceeds the amount we can fit into one box, we manually split that SKU into a separate shipment. This is because we use one fixed box size for most of our orders.
New Contributor
Please add this feature. It is a time restraint to split these orders every morning!!!
First-timer (legacy)
Would everyone who voted here change your votes to a 3 please if you have available voting credits? Need to get this ranking higher as it has fallen out of the top ten as of now. They need to build this basic necessity, it's a huge waste of time for way too many people every day to need to do this manually.
First-timer (legacy)
Vote for this option
First-timer (legacy)
A good use case for this would be to separate pre-order items from in-stock items into different shipments.
First-timer (legacy)
We need this asap. Simple use cases... If Order Weight is greater than 5lbs and Total Quantity equals 2 then Split Order. If item SKU is 'This5' and Total Quantity is greater than 1 then Split Order. PLEASE!!!!! 🙏