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A feature allowing automation to assign orders matching the sorting criteria would be extremely beneficial for a lot of companies in my opinion. Currently, we use specific batches that as assigned to our customer service team that are used to hold orders that have address errors, high-value orders to be fraud checked, etc. Every morning my lead shipper has to go through all the orders that came in from the night before and identify if they need to be moved to the customer service batch before he can create the batches that will go out that day. Having a feature that would allow us to automatically move address errors and orders over $300 to the customer service batch would save us a lot of time. In the meantime, I'll be using tags for such orders to help my lead identify them faster but it still takes time out of his day to move them around and add the appropriate notes. 


Hopefully, this feature could be added to ShipStation in the not-so-distant future!


There is a work around for this.

Make a new ship-from location and call it "Customer Service Attn needed" or something similar.

Then create an automation that is applied/triggered when the following criteria is met:
Address Verified = Error

Address Verified = Warning

Order total is Greater than $300.00

Then set the action to:

Set Ship From Location to the location you just created. This should populate that ship from with all of the orders you want segregated. 

You can then toggle the Ship-From to the normal shipping location so they are visible to the shipping team when they have been fixed or corrected.

Hope this helps!




Should look something like this:



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Looking for the exact same thing for packages we handle differently than our majority. This would be huge timesaver!