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We are going to have to use a fairly manual process to get around this right now. So it would be super helpful as a feature. We have several different carriers with different cut-off times. Being able to set a batch of automation rules to run at specific times of day would enable us to automatically reallocate orders to the appropriate services after those cutoffs have passed. Example: UPS picks up at 6pm, once they've picked up, we need to change all remaining orders for the day to USPS (who picks up at 8pm) using a few pieces of logic based on how much they weigh and where they're going.
First-timer (legacy)
We need a time criteria as well to accommodate our workflow. In our case we are located so close to the UPS Customer Service center that we can bring 2 Day Air and Ground packages till 8:00 PM but we have to pay a premium. Our FedEx cutoff is 5:00 PM and cheaper. We are willing to pay that premium so our customers can get their package after 5:00 PM and it would be nice if Ship Station would add a Time Criteria in their Automation Rules.
First-timer (legacy)
I have been requesting this feature for some time now, i hope someone looks at this post and decide to get it done.
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This feature will be very helpful. Impatiently waiting for this feature. Proper complete automation is the mere need of every E-commerce business nowadays I hope Shipstation implement this ASAP.
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Massively beneficial to us in the UK and most retailers who ship using DPD. This carrier require us to print 'Saturday' labels on a Friday and 'Sunday' labels on a Saturday and we have to change the automation rules manually on Fridays and Saturdays which sometimes gets missed and causes all sorts of problems
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