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Hello Shipstation crew!

I'm a software dev member working with Hard Jewelry LLC, one of your enterprise clients. This company uses your technology to create batches organized by what products are in the orders and processes them each morning. I had the idea to create some code for this logic that automatically creates a batch given an array of orders we select, processes the batch and saves the labels/picklist to a location on the computer for fulfillment. If part or all of this is feasible to implement on your API, it would eliminate many work hours for our manager, and allow our crew to start immediately each morning.


Thank you for your consideration,

-Phoenix Davis

IT Manager

Hard Jewelry LLC

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Honestly, don't expect anything anytime soon. I suggested probably a dozen ideas like this to ShipStation API team and CSR's.


Automatic label combining (choice user's could make)

Label Combining through API

Label Batch creation through API

Printing said Label Batches and their packing slips through the API



All of which would probably save me about an hour a day, but the most we've ever received is that they are essentially looking into the automatic label combining.


All of the tools are there to do the rest of what I put here. Whether they don't trust the users or not, I'm not sure. But it's very irritating.