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Status: Investigating
When I import from a CSV, I'd love the opportunity to customize our Custom Fields (1-3) so that it's clear what they're being used for. We currently have to use a shared document with a key. And that's not as simple as just being able to have a column that clearly says what the data means.
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This is something our company REALLY needs as well. This has been in consideration for 4 years now?  How hard is it really to give customers the ability to label those 3 fields?  Hope it one day becomes a priority. Thanks!

Occasional Contributor

I agree. We could benefit from this option as well. I'm surprised it's not already available.


Just commenting, we'd love this as well!

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Oh, come on guys, it was JUST requested only 6.5 years ago, and they JUST started investigating it a year ago.

I'm sorry that I've become cynical. It's just extremely frustrating that such a simple-to-implement feature has not been. If your backend is THAT big of a mess, you can just add it superficially (i.e., to the front end), so I don't see the issue.

I'd say the main cause for my frustration comes from the fact that so many people use custom fields as a workaround for hundreds of different features that are not available. So, in reality, the custom fields are much more than just a few "custom fields." I'd love to see the ability to add more than three custom fields. So often, a value decision has to be made about what data should be assigned to the limited fields. In large part due to the very inflexible and convoluted way automation is done on this platform.

P.S. I clicked "Post Your Comment," and it triggered a login screen, even though I am already logged in on this browser. But wait, this comment isn't a complaint! I thought I had surely lost what I had typed, but thankfully I did not! So props to whoever is responsible for this. 👍


We are now using aspects of shipstation that require users to enter PO, work order number and binning information into the custom fields. If these are able to be custom labeled, we will be able to continue using shipstation for fulfillment (and not just shipping) - this will lead to an increase in the number of users on our account (ie every packing individual will need a log in vs the one person in charge of printing labels). If this feature is not resolved, we will be reducing down to only a couple users instead of increasing. We love shipstation and would be very appreciative if this is resolved so we can grow our use of the tool more! Thanks!


This seems like such an easy change that has been asked for since 2016, can we get any answer from Shipstation on this?


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I too would love to see the renaming of custom fields implemented. What's up Shipstation?!

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I wanted to comment on this as it seems like people have been voting yes for this for 7 years now but nothing has happened.  Please add this feature.  When you have an organization using Shipstation and getting everyone to know what Custom 1 as opposed to Custom 2 without having it say something is a huge problem.  If we could change this, that would help immensely.  Please fix it.


Yes please!  This is really needed!