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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Customers with multiple orders from our various sales channels often request a single shipment. Currently combining orders means that one order number remains and the other orders are "lost." This results in the "lost" orders being unsearchable in Shipstation. It would better to combine the shipment instead of the orders. This is what the customer is expecting to happen and it is a more intuitive handling of order data for users.
First-timer (legacy)
It is very useful function. It can save postal cost for seller as well.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, it is very frustrating losing data on orders that were combined. This is the single reason why I don't use "combine orders". I still need to be able to search all individual orders, regardless if it was combined into other orders. My customers demand having their PO# on the packing list I provide so they can receive properly. If the combined order only has the info from the surviving order, then receiving dept can not properly receive against their PO in the system.
Also combine shipment option should be available via mobile application
First-timer (legacy)
I totally agree, we manually have to go through orders without tracking to find the orders that were "lost" in the combine process. I've been told they don't even have a report or anything that we can run to find the lost orders. ShipStation has the lost shipment buried in the surviving order activity so if they know they were combined, then they should be able to offer a report of them so we don't have to dig to find them.
Occasional Contributor
The deficiency of reporting for combined orders completely wrecks our ability to leverage Shipstation reporting for billing costs back to clients. We run many stores through Shipstation, and most are reliant on the detailed reports that we can only get from Shipstation. But once orders are combined, some order numbers are lost, and the data is no longer useful in our business. I also worry this will be an issue when we implement a Quickbooks connector app such as Connex that will copy order data out of ShipStation for all our stores, into a QB company file.
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I posted a similar idea with additional details and screenshots that cover some of what is left unsolved from this completed idea. Please vote it up if it's helpful to you.