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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Combine the Preset Group Customs Declaration Descriptions Currently the only way that customs descriptions get combined is if you edit each product. So I would like to see our Preset Groups declarations combined on the customs forms. As it sits with preset groups customs, you will get the same preset group name over and over with a qty of 1. Instead of combining the descriptions and quantity. Hopefully that is clear
First-timer (legacy)
'@MattHuseman - we need the same thing! We sell bundles (e.g. one product we sell contains a record, a t-shirt, and a compact disc). In this example, we need to have three different line items on the custom's declaration form and there is no way to save it to the product since you can only enter in one line item. I also wish ShipStation would use a "GROUP BY" when you have an order containing separate items which all contain the same product description in customs. For example, if someone buys x3 products with a description of "Vinyl Record" which each have a value of "$10.00" and a Harmonization Code of "1234", instead of listing all three products on seperate custom's form lines it would be one line which reads: "Qty: 3; Description: Vinyl Record; Harmonization Code: 1234; Value: $10.00; Total Value: $30.00"
Status changed to: Under Review