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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Love the branded returns page, however we'd like to have the option to customize more to our liking. 1. Allow us to modify and change reasons for return 2. When reason of return is "Other" have a notes field for customer to enter details of return 3. Ability to disable certain products from being allowed to be returned
First-timer (legacy)
I wish we had the opportunity to customize the "Return Reasons" on the Branded Returns Portal. The default options are not relevant to our product returns.
First-timer (legacy)
Does anyone know if they have implemented the "edit return reasons" per everyone's request?
First-timer (legacy)
Any update here?
First-timer (legacy)
Yes Yes Yes. Our number one reason for return is sizing/fit issues and we're forced to select "other" or "changed mind" for client returns, which is not at all helpful for our returns staff. Particularly when most sized returns are actually exchanges. A reason code of "changed mind" makes staff assume the client no longer wants the item.
First-timer (legacy)
Even if custom RMA reasons can't be set up, add to the standard list " Doesn't Fit " All clothes companies will use this
First-timer (legacy)
I need to customize my "reasons for return" choices. The current ones to not correlate with my products. It does not look professional for me like this. Please help. Thank you.
First-timer (legacy)
We need custom reasons, I cannot make good, smart business decisions when my customers are choosing "other" or "changed their mind" on the returns. They are my customer for a reason and if I cannot meet their demands I cannot fix their issue. Please please please!
First-timer (legacy)
After submitting a ticket to "support", I was encouraged to post my feedback here. We too would benefit from having an option of "didn't fit" for the reasons for a return. Thank you for your consideration.
I agree.... we need "too big" and "too small" as options.
First-timer (legacy)
Would love to have comments when doing an exchange as well. So we know what size/color etc we are exchanging for.