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Occasional Contributor
Status: New

There are a few features I use all the time and most of the items on this top bar I never use.

I NEVER use: Get Rate, Assign To, Bulk Update or Allocate. 

ShipStation (8).png


However, I am always using Mark As Shipped and Export Orders
Also due to a problem with my particular shopping cart software, I need to navigate to Settings, Automation, Automation rules... scroll WAY down to the bottom (I have a lot of rules!), Re-process Automation, then CONFIRM. Boy that's a lot of steps! 


Like customizing columns, I would love to be able to customize which action buttons are at the top there. 


Hey there @P1Repair


I think this is a terrific idea! I'll move this over to our ideas section so that other wonderful community members like you can vote on this for potential implementation in the future! 

New Contributor

I would like this feature, too. I use the items in the "Other Actions" pull down menu far more than any of the default buttons on the menu. It would be helpful to choose which actions/buttons appear on the menu bar.