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There are times when orders will fail to sync with our store (WooCommerce). However, there is no indication this has failed until you login to shipstation and see the red exclamation point. It is logged in the activity section "An error occurred attempting to update orders: The operation has timed out". When this error occurs, an email notification should be sent out as well.
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New Contributor

Desperately need this functionality. Seems like it should be basic functionality. I'm sure there are many users who have had this issue but just not said anything.


Shipstation - please fix this! How can you just let orders stop importing without notifying us immediately. You can't expect users to monitor shipstation 24/7. 


This must be prioritised! As mentioned above, we can't be expected to login multiple times everyday to check that orders have synced

New Contributor

We just had this happen to us. How has this feature not been implemented yet? 😞