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I need a way to automate using FedEx Ground Collect when certain criteria are meant in order to limit mistakes with the warehouse not scrolling down to the bottom of the dropdown to find Ground Collect.


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I absolutely see why this type of automation would be desired. I'll move this over to our ideas section so that other community members can vote on this for potential implementation in the future.

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Hi there,

We absolutely need this feature.  For reference, UPS and FedEX both surcharge for 3rd Party Billing - the customer gets charged this fee.  For UPS, this is 5%.  We have a plethora of customers who request to ship Collect (recipient), but automation in ShipStation doesn't allow for this - only 3rd Party.  All we need is an option under automation actions that says "Charge Shipping to Recipient", where we can then input shipping account info, etc.  Would love this urgently.

Thank you!