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Status: Investigating
Nearly every online platform we sell on requires us to do at least this one thing, "Ship to the address provided by the customer" It gives us seller protection on eBay, helps our case in chargeback claims, and even A-z claims if they come up. ShipStation's address verification is a very useful tool however sometimes it completely changes an address, and in the flow of hundreds of orders per day we are unaware of it. This leads to return to sender, dead letter, or even mis-delivered packages and in turn, into loss of profit on sales. I'd like the chance to see which addresses have been modified and decide whether it's worth shipping to a modified address based on the item cost, destination, etc
I want to piggy back on this idea... I turned off auto-correct to deal with this issue but ran into a secondary problem where validation doesn't look at address as a whole. Here is a conversation I had with ShipStation support... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- An address will show as verified if the zip code is a valid zip code. The validator tool won't know that the zip code does not match the street address until you verify the address or try to create the label. This is because the validator tool looks at each line of address information as follows: Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 City State/Region Zip Code As long as the auto-correct feature is turned off, the tool will look at each one of these items individually and if each of these individual items is valid, no error warning will be displayed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ShipStation should be doing full address verification even if auto-correct is turned off so we can review them before processing.
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just adding my voice. shipstation needs to notify us when addresses have been modified. i didn't know an order went to the wrong place until 2 weeks later when a customer wrote asking where their order went. address verification is a great feature - but not if it's allowed to blindly change addresses without asking first.
This just happened to me and it is so horrible. The address correction changed the city and zip code of an address in France to a competely different address and now the package has been delivered to the wrong person and I am out that money. It would be so simple to have a flag or color alert letting us know that the address has been changed in a major way (that city, State, Country or zip has changed). Just as there is a color coding for when there is a fraud risk. This should have been addressed by now (no pun intended).
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We've had a problem with this as well! We've been having to do manual comparison checks with the customer-entered addresses from Shopify. Shipstation also keeps deleting unit/apt numbers if they aren't entered perfectly, or if people write both a buzz code and a unit# it'll confuse them and delete the other. It's been an ongoing problem and a huge time sink.

Status changed to: Investigating