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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
I was really happy to see support for Alias SKUs in the product update today! We have a very large number of these (enough that manually inputting them is nearly impossible) and would love to be able to have them included as a field in the product import. Is this planned?
First-timer (legacy)
We sell on multiple sales channels and, in addition to that, we sell the same item under different SKUs on some of the channels (as it seems many others do). The ability to bulk upload alias SKUs would save days, if not weeks, worth of time. Creating the SKUs manually is actually forcing us to find other workarounds instead of doing this as we simply do not have the time.
Occasional Contributor
Same as many others, it would be very useful for us to have the ability to batch import sku aliases. We already have our warehouse software working with our listing software to update our "sku aliases" across multiple channels, and are able to remove the inventory the same way when orders are imported from Shipstation, so when our warehouse does picking using that software, they are instructed to pick the correct item, however this can still make it very confusing at times when our barcode scanners are telling the picker to pick a particular item and our packing slips that we are shipping with (printed from Shipstation), don't always have the same sku... This is the last piece to our process where a physical products inventory can go out and be listed under different sku's, on different channels, and have sales coming back referencing 1 physical unique id (without the manual process of entering every alias 1 by 1). Looking forward to seeing if this goes anywhere... I hope that as this has been in review since 2015... that there may be an update before another 2 years pass?? 🙂
First-timer (legacy)
any update?? still desperately needed!!!
First-timer (legacy)
We are trying to add our all products into Shipstation and want to manage inventory from there only. So we just want to know is there any possibility we can add our alias SKUs in bulk with the real Skus as we have 3 different account of a marketplace and have different Skus. Please help us in this as it would be very tought to add alias Skus individually.
First-timer (legacy)
Thanks for checking in on this. We’re still interested in importing alias SKUs, and we don’t have a timeline on it. It isn’t on our immediate roadmap but it’s one we’d like to keep open for now.
First-timer (legacy)
We noticed 1500+ alias sku's with a typo. I really do not want to go into 1500 and manually change 1 character.. Please implement a feature to resolve this issue!
First-timer (legacy)
Why we can explort AliasSKU but cannot import? Is it so hard to do the opposite or you are too busy to handle that?
First-timer (legacy)
Lets say that I manually added all those products one by one. Is there any backup for this? Lets say we exported the file to keep aside as a backup, next time when we import it back, still all the alias will be gone, right?
Yes I need this feature also! It really seems odd that you cannot just had the alias as a header and if i add one for an item and bulk upload why can't it add it?! I have 6,000 items and 3,000 are on amazon and diff skus, 1,200 already sold and I ONE BY ONE HAD TO combine! So now I want to STOP that, so the 1800 items left I want to just do in bulk, but SS is saying no I manually have to click 1,800 items and add each one. Or as the item gets ordered, I have to search each day and merge as it gets ordered. This just seems so redundant, to have a field to use and advertise it, it exports on the item sheet, but you cant edit or upload via bulk.
First-timer (legacy)
Need this feature desperately.