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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
First, I would be appreicated your service! I've been downloading "Order-Dara Export" from the order. But I also would be nice if I can see "Currency" there. When I get GBP 54.66 order, I was able to see as USD 54.66. Hope to be added Currency tab for international orders and stores. Thanks.
First-timer (legacy)
Currency conversion is very much needed as we're selling on eBay UK and the packing slips show US Dollar instead of Euro. This creates confusion and defeats the purpose of automation.For now we are forced to print UK packing slips separately.
First-timer (legacy)
Currency conversion is very much needed especially for the it shows me product total for $1,977.28 USD when its actually mexican pesos, and thats roughly $100 USD. Hope you guys can get this done before the holiday comes around
First-timer (legacy)
Just processed my first International shipment through Amazon UK and needless to say it is throwing my data off! Either convert the amount to USD or have a currency field that reflects accurately. Thanks
First-timer (legacy)
when we ship a 999 Aussie dollar item to Australia it is ESSENTIAL that the amount shown on the customs invoice is 999 AUD ... not some goofball exchange rate into GBP or USD ... it MUST be 999 AUD, reason: 0-999 AUD is duty free, 1000 AUD and above gets stung for around 300AUD in taxes. We have 3 magento stores, 1 in GBP, 1 in USD and one in AUD ... and soon one in Euro .. it is ESSENTIAL that when Shipstation imports from Magento it uses the right currency for each order. You MUST track the order value and the order currency.
New Contributor
Any update on this? Sorely needed!
We sell worldwide and need to have the proper currency appear on the export documents. It looks like ShipStation only imports the base currency from Magento. (we use 4 currencies, CND, USD, Euros, and GBP) Using the base price is This is useless for us. It is very important that the export document be accurate and we are not able to make this happen with the current version of ShipStation. Can you make this happen?
First-timer (legacy)
Same issue here. Need the custom forms commercial invoice to display currency code as USD and not CAD. Is there a way this can be changed manually by SS in the backend.
First-timer (legacy)
Guys, this is 4 frickin' years now ... are you going to support international shipping or not? If you are then it is ESSENTIAL that you create customs declarations in the correct currency to match the invoice, if the invoice is in CAD, the customs declaration has to be CAD, if the invoice was USD, the customs declaration has to be USD ... its not difficult. 4 years now?? if you are not going to support international shipping, just say so and we can all try and find a provider that is.
First-timer (legacy)
Reference how Google does it in their spreadsheets. I can run a quick Google Finance formula at any time ( for instance '=GoogleFinance("CURRENCY:GBPUSD")') and this will convert over immediately. Just make a way to utilize Google API's and take a snapshot of the currency rate at the moment of sale. If you could find a way to utilize someone like X-Rates historical data it may be useful too (go here: Doesn't seem to be that difficult though, and yes, it is VERY frustrating that this still isn't implemented (seems kind of 101 necessity); been waiting over 2 years for this myself (others longer I think).
First-timer (legacy)
Currency support please! As the number of selling channels increases, we're getting all kinds of different approaches to currency from the different marketplaces, and we can't always change the currency in the marketplace, such as with Amazon. Right now my numbers are just importing wrong from Amazon, so currency support would be greatly appreciated.