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We would love to see where shipping options would be presented based on the state/zone we designate. An example would be if they are "checking out" and the state is California, we would want them to see Next Day and 2nd Day as options only. We are dealing with food and sometimes the customer still selects ground. We have a banner at the top explaining why not to select ground. 


We are shipping food so we would like to make sure the products are received quickly. 


The only reason Ground is allowed because we are in Massachusetts and most ofNew England next with "Ground" selected. 


We hope this feature is something that can really be pushed forward. You already are doing calculated rates based on the shipping address. This should be an easy thing to do on the shipstation side. 

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I have the same need to distinguish between Hawaii and Alaska, where USPS Priority is dramatically less expensive with similar service levels.  Seems you can build a rule to automate fulfillment on the backend, but we need the functionality on the front end so we only present the options we want them to see on a state/region basis.