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Status: Under Review
We would like to add the Canadian carriers under our US account in ShipStation. We have warehouses in USA and Canada, and sometimes it's cheaper to ship the Canadian orders from USA. By having all the carriers into 1 account, we can easily compare the shipping cost and choose the right warehouse and right carrier. Now we have to create separate account and navigate between the accounts to do that and also pay 2 subscriptions.
First-timer (legacy)
Is there an update on this? It has been years and the response i got was to create a new shipstation account which just seems absurd! Please fix and allow Canada Post on US shipstation site as soon as possible.
What do companies do that have subdomains for multiple countries. Having to use different email addresses for all users for different country instances is very user un-friendly IMO. What is our customer service group going to do? We need Canada and Australia set up. and maybe additional countries. Please send a message to your product development team that this is something they need to address. In this day and time, we should have one shipping platform and the ability to add countries to it. No bueno.
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This is very frustrating. The last comment you made in regards to this was is 2015, is there any updates, it's been 5 years? If you can not merge US and CAD carriers in one Shipstation account can you find a way to have the two ShipStation accounts mirror each other? If an order is marked shipping in one account it would be mark shipped in the other and if inventory can be linked between the two accounts? The way it API's with other market places could it not do the same with itself?
First-timer (legacy)
Any potential or bypass for this?
First-timer (legacy)
we have to implement multiple apps just to achieve this outcome. why cant i use shipstation to ship both canadapost and USPS, there are other apps like shippo that can. unfortunately there are other drawbacks with shippo
I'm a .us based company I'm setting up a fulfillment center in .au that is connected to my existing shopify store. I NEED to be able to use AUS Post for those assigned user orders.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi ShipStation, why can't you add Canada Post as a carrier in US ShipStation?
New Contributor
It would be nice to process postage for orders placed in both Canada and the US (i.e. Canada Post and USPS) in one account instead of having separate accounts per country. I was able to add both US & CA shipping platforms, US & CA ship-from locations, but I cannot add the final component, US & CA shipping carriers. ShipStation will only allow you to add shipping carriers that operate in the country of the address on your account. The ability to add shipping carriers from both countries will be useful, more organized, and will help save time. With international e-commerce growing, I'm sure this will be an issue for other users soon, if not already. The addition of this feature will also help keep ShipStation ahead of its competitors. I enjoy the software, and I hope this inquiry makes it to your product development team. ShipStation Support thought this was a great inquiry and advised me to post the idea here.
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I use ship station in the US. I want to use my US shipstaion account to ship from overseas to worldwide. It will help me handle my international operation and ease my workflow. It would also bring more business to ship station for sure.