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Hi There,


Our orders are imported into ShipStation and our customer service handles printing out those orders. For individual items it works out great but for multiple items I have had many billing issues which has required customer service to print out the detailed report of orders with multiple items to give to the warehouse to pull and provide the dims and weights which is creating double the work.

I have been looking for a solution that will take our current box dimension options preset in the system and dims and weights of our individual products to A) Auto-select the best box options to limit wasted space B) Auto calculate the weights of the products as well and establish the box. There is one competitor out there that does have this solution but am happy with ShipStation and if there is a solution in the pipeline I will hold off from moving. I have tried automation rules and tagging and there are so many variables I would need to account for that it just gets out of hand. I am sure this is a big issue that others are having as well. Please help.




Please help.


Thank You,


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