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We handle quite a few manual orders where one client will order for multiple locations. It would be nice if multiple locations could be tied to the same email address. Right now, it just keeps the last order used by that email in the customer records so we have to manually type the address each time. Either that or being able to save customer shipping information using something other than an email address (phone # maybe???) to keep it saved in the system.

Changing the sytem so that customer profiles will save based on their unique Recipient Name/Address will be much more helpful for us than by having them save based on only their email address. We too have customers that often ship to mutiple different recipients but use only their own single email address to attach to these manual orders. It would save us hours and hours of labor time if we didn't have to manually retype in the same recipient shipping information over and over again and if the customer profiles would save based on their unique recipient name & address. We even have regular customers that don't provide an email address at all because they may be older or don't have a computer, etc. so they don't have an email. Thus, having customer profiles save only by having a unique email address associated with them is a pretty highly recurring issue with us. 


Please look into this and update as soon as possible! We do not want to process orders on different platforms but we may have to consider it in order to save us precious processing time on our end if this issue is not resolved! 

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reviving this topic because it is also an issue for us with our B2B / blind shipments.