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Status: Completed
I have tried the ‘Create Another Shipment’ option in V3, however the problem is that it does not carry forward the item detail from the original shipment into the new shipment. Therefore at the end of the month when I reconcile the inventory, it does not show that we in fact shipped 2pc of whatever item it was, it only records the original item shipment. Please pass along my comments to the developers as this function is essential to our order processing, inventory management as well as our month end reporting.
Status changed to: Started
Status changed to: Completed

Howdy y'all! 

We are pleased to announce that our product team has completed and rolled out the "Restore" feature for our New Layout.

Check out this article in our knowledge base for how to reship your order, now including the restore option. 

Happy shipping everyone 🙂 

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I see that the "restore" function has now been added to V3, however, it is basically useless because when you restore an order, the line items DO NOT get added back to the order, so the quantity shows as 0.  In V2, the line items were added back to the restored order.  Please fix this.  Thanks!

Hey there @PWS


Thank you for this feedback! 


I have certainly brought this feedback to my teams attention for research and review! 


As soon as I have any news, I will update you here! 🙂 

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@Moderator-Davis Thanks for looking into this!


I just wanted to clarify that I typically use the "restore" function to reship an order when the customer says that they did not receive the original shipment or it got lost in the mail.


So, we are shipping another actual product to the customer, which is why it is important that the line item needs to be present when an order is restored so that inventory is adjusted and we can see the correct quantity ordered when viewing the order. 


I agree. On all the discussion boards the last comment say the issue has been fixed however it has not. The new 'restore ' button now has the same functionality as 'create new shipment' button which makes the order awaiting shipment but it has no items and cannot be edited -  this has not fixed what we need. The old restore function simply created another version of the same order and allowed us to re send the same items (which could be edited if you only needed to send one item again) and simply then you simply download a new label. This is still not possible in V3 

Hey there @YasminG


Thank you for this follow up feedback. Definitely understand your desire here and agree with it! 


I can assure you that i've brought this to the product team's attention and they are looking into this actively. 🙂 


This is a MAJOR problem for us. The previous version of SS was flawless, I see nothing better about this new version. It's more confusing visually and tabbing through line items is no longer possible. I really dislike using SS now!! 


How after all of these years is this still not fixed???

Same issue as everyone else -- the original order had an issue (lost in shipping, somehow shipped the wrong thing, whatever) -- there is no way to make another label *with the same options and items in it*.


This ticket has been opened for literally years and every single person has been asking for the same thing... and it still is not done.

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@Moderator-Davis  - please... 

I just don't understand. Is it just me?

When you restore an shipment on V3 - The line items are gone. Now nobody knows what to ship? How can they? I don't understand : (

V2 - Lets say a shipment is lost. We restore the order. - Employees simply ship that restored order. So so so easy. - Now, if you restore. Employees have no idea what to do. Also, we manufacture items. We use filters and filter the skus, so that we can process them with our machines. 

But either way. How are people shipping an item that does not have a packing slip with line items etc.. Am I doing something wrong or what.

PS. - I am still on V2 thank god. Will V2 stay alive for ever though..... ?