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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Currently, I have 4041 orders to fill today. My staff is each assigned an item or group of items to fill that day. Your system doesnt show what items are in the order unless you click on the order. For 4,000 orders a day this is a very slow process. I need it changed to indicate the actual items. I will pay you to address this issue.
For me this is important but i would only want 1 item defaulted on the list and not all of the items. That would significantly reduce the amount of lines i could see. So if you are paying for this add on i will chip in if i can ad a toggle or drop down on the item to expand or collapse the list. As long as i get the first item or can identify what item i want. Having multiple items with a drop down wouldn't help as much. Maybe have it where its blue if its a multiple and default color if it is a single item. Which brings me to the request i posted. Arranging the item list on an order. You can create and manipulate the packing slip. But the only options are adding to the bottom or deleting all and reorganizing the list from scratch. If i could reorganize then once an order was reviewed i could drag the item i want to identify the order with to the top of the list. Or add an item to identify that order. Please vote for Organize Items on an order. 🙂 thanks
First-timer (legacy)
YES PLEASE - I'm out of votes, but this would be huge! And maybe even auto-splitting based on orders with specific SKUs (IE back-orders)