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Status: New

I'm a big fan of the new UI, but unfortunately ran into a little issue when working today.


Under the old UI, the amount a package was insured for was displayed in the "Order Details" tab along with all the other necessary information. With the new UI, it is no longer displayed - rather, it just marks whether the package was insured through Shipsurance or Carrier Insurance with no dollar amount listed.


I am aware of the "Shipments" tab workaround, but I would prefer to be able to view this information like was previously possible in the "Orders" tab. It is a pain to have to switch back and forth between tabs just for this one piece of information. I am not sure why this functionality was removed in the new UI.


Also, this issue only occurs after an order is marked as shipped. We have been forced to go back to the old UI for now because of this, which is a shame because the new UI looks and feels great, with this very small exception.


Here's a screenshot of what I mean.New UINew UIOld UIOld UI

Status changed to: New