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We sell on a couple stores that are Canada specific but we are ourselves are based in the US. When the order comes in from the marketplace, the customs declaration is created automatically like we need it to with the HS Code, description etc but the item value it pulls in comes in from the Canadian marketplace in CAD. We need to be able to have an order automation rule that tells it what currency the item value is in based on what store the order is from because as is, we cannot change it and it is locked as USD.

This means in order to have correct customs information and not overpay on duty/taxes we are having to go order by order manually to update the item value to USD instead of being able to just say this number is correct, it just happens to be CAD.

This is adding a lot of unnecessary time to our order shipping as our order volume increases.

I have seen another thread about this too that is years old and this has not been addressed and so a new thread is in order to garner attention.

Other thread:

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The workaround that I figured out for this is to add a value for the fields "Duties Paid" and "Postage Paid".  If there is no value for one or both, just enter 0 and this will calculate the shipping and allow you to process the order.