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Hey there, Thank you for reaching out to ShipStation! I understand you're seeing an issue with your split shipments failing to notify customers upon the second shipment? I can definitely look into that for you. Can you provide me with an order number that did not send email notifications as expected?
It isn't an issue with just multiple emails, but can we set the automated emails for split shipments to notify customers that "this part of your order has been shipped, the rest of you reorder will be shipped separately"
many customers email us scared they are only getting part of their orders because the items are missing from their emails
Ah, ok gotcha, thank you for clarifying. So there is not a way to automatically send emails stating that orders have been split. You will have to setup an email template that states that the order is a split shipment, and manually apply that template to orders when they are being split and before the label is generated. This help article has information on how to setup a custom email template, and how to change the email template assigned to a specific order:
Is this a feature that is being worked on? As a store we ship quite a few orders a day and there is no possible way for us to manually set these emails.
Liz O.
To my knowledge, this is not a feature that is currently in development. However, I would absolutely recommend making a post in our ideas forum, so our developers can know that there is demand for this feature to be added! Our product team looks at our forum frequently for new ideas for ShipStation. We’ve had a lot of success with user ideas turning into features. Here is a link to our ideas forum: