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We sell on eBay's various international websites but from the US. IE we have listings up on Because of EU laws, eBay is now required to collect and remit VAT taxes on our behalf. The way that they do this is they charge the customer the tax and then add a third address line to their address which includes a customer VAT account number and paid notice. This way the customer doesn't have to pay VAT at the time of delivery. Ship Station however is not pulling that third line item in so our customers are being double charged VAT taxes. All we need is for this VAT information to be added on line 3 of our customer's addresses. There is no manual solution to this either because eBay randomly charges this VAT tax with no rhyme or reason and won't let us filter out the orders in which this problem exists. Please see the attached files. The VOEC number is the information that we need pulled into the customer's address in Ship Station.
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I upvote this. Even though there is a way to add the VAT number from eBay to your shipment in shipstation, it would be much easier and smoother if ShipStation would simply pull in that line of information from the address line.
Status changed to: Under Review